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Underlined titles link to sound files and program notes. 

“Testament” (2020) for soprano and three percussion

Poetry of Carolyn Adams 

Premiered by Meagan Stapleton (soprano) and SHSU Percussion Group,

Dr. John Lane, director

“Widow’s Grief Song” for soprano and cello 

Written for Yuri and Daniel Saenz

Premiered at the Rothko Chapel, April 2012

"Even Now" (2018) for tenor and piano

Poetry of Leon Stokesbury

"Live Oaks Whisper" (2017) for tenor, horn, cello and piano 

Poetry of J. Scott Brownlee

Commissioned by New American Voices, 2018

“Notes in a Minister’s Hymnbook” (2014-2016) for baritone and piano 

Poetry of Miller Williams

Premiered by Christopher Besch (baritone) and Andrew Schneider (piano)

“Heavenly Vision” for three sopranos 

Premiered by members of SHSU New Music Lab. Moores School of Music, November 2012

"Poor Widow Woman" for tenor solo

Written for faculty artist Randolph Lacy

Premiered at Sam Houston State University, November 2009


"Where Leaf Never Growed" - settings of Big Thicket folk songs

SATB chorus

"Loving Henry" - free setting of an East Texas folk ballad

SATB chorus and piano (concertante)

"Lonesome Hills" - fantasy on a Big Thicket folk ballad

SATB chorus and violin (concertante)

Oculus non vidit (2002) for three antiphonal choirs 

Written for the BBC Singers

Performed at St. Marylebone Church, London,  June 2002 

Detail of mural at local ice cream shot.  Photo by BPH.
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